Qualified Accountants

Qualified Accountants is a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants which was formed in 2010 to provide services to the small and medium size business, in particular, to take full responsibility of accountancy and taxation services with tailor-made packages. Our core objective is building of a long term partnership serving the needs of your business and nourishing that relationship making sure it grows with times base on mutual trust and confidence.

We provide wide range of services including accountancy, taxation and management consultancy at a competitive rate. Our approach is to deliver a quality service which will free your time to improve your business and allow you to exploit new opportunities.

If you are in the process of setting up your first business venture, we can show you which legal structure will suit you best to minimise your overall burden of tax. Please give us call to make your first appointment – our initial consultation meeting is free*.




    Every business is required to produce annual accounts from books of records it is legally obliged to maintain.


    Administration of Value added tax (VAT) could be a complex operation for a business taking the time and resources away from the core activities of a business.


    We understand the complexities of different tax regulations and the requirements for compliance with those.

    Payroll Bureau

    Registration for PAYE. Dealing with query from HMRC and employees.

    Management Accounts

    As an owner or manager of any business it is essential that you keep yourself fully informed on essentials regulations and maintain proper system to facilitate decision making.

    Tax and VAT Investigation

    Having a formal VAT investigation by HMRC is one of the most stressful events that can happen to any business.

    If you are looking for an accountant to relive you from tension and anxiety Qualified Accountants Ltd is here to take over your routine and hard work while you could be relaxed on concentrating on developing your business?


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